Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio is my favorite hobby (followed closely by Photography), so I am going to attempt to convey my enthusiasm via these pages:
Controller Manuals
A few Decibel Articles
Some Forms and Charts
My Modified J-Pole
Lightning Damage at a Repeater Site
Paul Harvey on Amateur Radio
Icom Manuals
Miscellaneous Stuff
Radio Pictures(Miscellaneous)
Test Equipment Manuals
Verdi Fire Pictures
Repeater Pictures
N7TGB IRLP/Echolink Node information
Yaesu manuals

What is Amateur Radio (otherwise known as "Ham" radio)? It is the ability to communicate with fellow Hams either across the street or around the world using a radio. Hook a computer to it and have the ability to communicate utilizing various digital modes.

Ham radio is a non-commercial radio communications service whose primary aims are public service, technical training, experimenting and communication between private persons. Hams provide communications in time of emergencies when there are often no other means of communication. In addition, Hams routinely provide communications for public events, such as off road races, foot races and any event requiring communications.

It isn't difficult to get into Amateur Radio; all you need to do is study and take a test. More information on obtaining an Amateur License can be found at the FCC. Study materials may be purchased at a large Book Store in your area. When you are ready to take the test, contact an Amateur Radio club in your area or contact the ARRL to find out who is administering the exams.

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